Understanding the effectiveness of vaccines is a priority for both public health experts and vaccine manufacturers. The common goal provides opportunities to create synergies through shared knowledge and resources. DRIVE is committed to establishing transparent and fair public-private cooperation while maintaining the scientific integrity of the studies.

In DRIVE, public and private partners work together on a variety of issues including communication, methodology, quality assurance and governance development. The vaccine effectiveness studies themselves are in the domain of the public partners.

DRIVE’s study platform governance allows the consortium to perform brand-specific influenza vaccine effectiveness studies. Because the governance model is unique and innovative in the European environment, its acceptability and performance will be evaluated throughout the 5-year project by collecting feedback from both external stakeholders and DRIVE partners.

Find out more about the project structure , the Work Packages, the independent advisory committees (ISC, QCAC) and the review process of scientific deliverables on the separate subpages.

The DRIVE governance follows the best practices proposed by the ADVANCE consortium (for details, please see the ADVANCE White paper and ECDC Blueprint). Studies in DRIVE follow guidelines and principles inspired by both the ENcEPP Code of Conduct and the ADVANCE Code of Conduct.

Genesis of the DRIVE EU project

DRIVE project Governance: how DRIVE works internally

How DRIVE estimates vaccine effectiveness in each influenza season