DRIVE Open Data Strategy

The current context has singled out the relevance of aggregating and combining content from different sources for the sake of transparency and scientific development. Public available documents could be reused in added-value information products and services beneficious to all the scientific community. With this idea in mind DRIVE project sets up its Open Data Strategy.
Open data should be seen as a must to promote research collaboration between sites and advanced knowledge in IVE, value sites data through scientific publications, attract more sites in DRIVE study platform and enable robust BSIVE with larger pool of data and finally support post-DRIVE sustainability and recognition though a transparent data model.
WP1 has started developing a strategy to promote open data in DRIVE and has engaged sites (data owners) to be part of DRIVE Open Data Strategy. Based on the successful GISAID model, DRIVE plans to develop a DRIVE Database Access Agreement for sites/data providers and investigate how to allow third party request when relevant.
Moreover, a WebAnnex has been developed by DRIVE WP4, a user-friendly web-application where all the results of the 2019/20 analyses are available. This facilitates access to the results for readers of the report, and also makes the project and its outcome FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable), which is an essential part of DRIVE’s Open Data Strategy.

DRIVE Open Data Strategy Slide Presentation