The aim of DRIVE is to build a platform of sufficient size to enable robust brand specific IVE estimates to be delivered rapidly and in a sustainable way.
To identify key methodological and practical issues in developing protocols for brand specific pilot studies, we will conduct a literature review on traditional and innovative methods available. Building on this, and on ECDC generic protocols to estimate IVE in the EU/EEA, we will create a standard set of analytical methods that can be applied to measure IVE in the European context of diverse vaccine manufacturing, distribution, and administration as well as diverse influenza diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

In addition, DRIVE will explore innovative research methods including participatory epidemiology (monitoring the activity of influenza-like-illness (ILI) not with the traditional system of sentinel networks of GPs but with the aid of volunteers via the internet, obtaining data directly from a sample of the population), as well as more user-friendly ways of identifying vaccine brands and lots.

To address the aspect of influenza vaccine distribution and administration, we will assess the available information on seasonal brand availability and use from various sources at clinical, regional or national levels and the related sources from stakeholders across Europe.

We will also collect the local adapted protocols from the study sites to assess differences, including diagnostic approaches and ethical submission processes.

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