How to participate in Drive

1. Share currently collected IVE data

DRIVE is calling for European public health institutes and other organizations working on influenza vaccine impact evaluation to join to on the project as Associate Partners.

Collaboration includes contributions to methodological and scientific discussions and the sharing of currently collected IVE data for the common analyses. DRIVE provides technical and financial support to facilitate the sharing of the data.

The benefits of this type of participation include:

  • Being part of a robust European platform to monitor vaccine effectiveness

  • Participation in scientific and methodological discussions (including on novel, innovative ways to measure IVE)

  • Co-authoring of scientific publications

  • Access to tools to support and enhance their existing monitoring systems and IVE studies

  • Scientific advice from global renowned experts in the field

  • Aligned messaging on benefit of influenza vaccines across stakeholders to boost public trust and increase coverage

2. Help build new IVE capacity

DRIVE is also seeking to develop new capacity for IVE assessment in Europe, so public health institutes and other research organizations with less established IVE study systems may also be eligible to become Associate Partners. In these cases, DRIVE will provide operational, technical, methodological and financial support for developing new systems or improving the existing ones.

The benefits of this type of participation include:

  • Helping to develop a new system with DRIVE support which will include providing budget for implementation and data collection, study related documents (e.g. study protocols) and scientific and operational advice relevant for IVE studies

  • Implementing potentially cost effective and sustainable innovative approaches to IVE estimation

  • Being part of a pan-European platform generating yearly brand specific IVE data; share scientific and methodological aspects on the pooled results and participate in the scientific publications of the results

3. Address Data Gaps through Innovative Approaches

In order to fulfill the goal of comprehensive and brand-specific IVE estimates, DRIVE will evaluate gaps in the data on a yearly basis. Based on the identified need, a public call for Research Collaborators will then be launched, starting from the season 2018/19.

DRIVE will ask potential Research Collaborators to share relevant data with DRIVE (based on the request for proposals) and to contribute to their integration into the pooled analysis.

The benefits to Research Collaborators include:

  • Generating robust brand specific IVE for their target populations

  • Participation in the scientific publications process

  • Receiving funding for their data collection

  • Receiving funding for building their capacity

  • Participation in the DRIVE forum and General Assembly

Partnership Inquiries:
For organisations interested in participating in DRIVE please contact Professor Javier Díez-Domingo, Spanish Fundación para el Fomento de la Investigación Sanitaria y Biomédica de la Comunitat Valenciana (FISABIO).

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