DRIVE has recently intensified its cooperation with patient groups as part of its commitment to include diverse stakeholders in the action and development of the project. This collaboration results from the work of the DRIVE WP1 and WP5, which identified four key patient organizations interested in influenza vaccination strategies. The DRIVE team collected the feedback and recommendations from these organisations that have recently started to participate in different DRIVE activities. Meet the team!

Apoyo Positivo (Spain)

Founded in 1993, Apoyo Positivo brings together a group of healthcare professionals and people affected by sexually transmitted diseases with the objective of providing a response to HIV and support those affected. They also provide care for other sexually transmitted infections and promote sexual education, especially among the youngest, and other marginalised groups (LGTBIQ+, migrants, women, etc.). The organisation also aims to prevent the consequences these issues may cause such as: gender violence, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, bullying, discrimination and other phenomena against human rights. “Diversity makes us smarter”, is their slogan

Access Apoyo Positivo’s website.

Coalition for Life-course immunisation (United Kingdom)

The Coalition for Life-Course Immunisation (CLCI) is a diverse network of expert individuals and associations representing public health, patients, academics and health professional across Europe. Its main objective is to prevent infectious disease over the life-course by highlighting the benefits of wide-scale immunisation to peers and to policy-makers. The members of CLCI call on all stakeholders to ensure that they, their families and colleagues are immunised with all vaccines recommended for their stage of life.

Access CLCI’s website.

CiaoLapo (Italy)

CiaoLapo is a not-for-profit organization (Charity and NGO Foundation) dealing with all aspects of perinatal health and perinatal mental health, e.g. healthy pregnancy, prevention of adverse pregnancy outcomes, optimisation of drug treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding. CiaoLapo represents a network of thousands of women, partners and professionals (ob/gyn, midwives, psychologists etc.) all around Italy and it’s able to involve both patients and professionals in medical and social research.

Access CiaoLapo’s website.

Active Citizenship Network (ACN)

Active Citizenship Network (ACN) was initiated in December 2001 as the European and international interface of the Italian civic participation organisation Cittadinanzattiva (Active Citizenship). ACN is a flexible network of European civic organizations that are involved as partners in its different projects and it aims to encourage active participation of citizens in European policy-making in subjects such as: health, corporate social responsibility, education and training at the global level.

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