DRIVE influenza vaccine estimates for the season 2019/2020 have now been published in the “Vaccine” scientific journal under the title “Brand-specific influenza vaccine effectiveness estimates during 2019/20 season in Europe: Results from the DRIVE study platform”.

This study builds upon the framework established in the previous two DRIVE influenza seasons but presents some improvements. Major developments include the expansion of the DRIVE network by three hospital sites in two countries, simplification of confounder-adjustment resulting in less data loss, and easier access to the full set of results through a Webannex.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has affected influenza surveillance across Europe, the DRIVE platform has managed to produce several overall and brand-specific influenza vaccine effectiveness estimations per age group and setting, for both the Test-negative design (TND) and register-based cohort studies.

This publication is the result of a public-private collaborative effort demonstrating the success of these governance structures for vaccine effectiveness post-authorization studies. Check the full publication here.