The 2019 DRIVE Annual Forum gathered almost 70 representatives from academia, EFPIA, ECDC, EMA and IMI in the city of Helsinki. The DRIVE consortium revisited lessons learnt during the project and discussed how we can better understand brand specific vaccine effectiveness as well discussing our governance with stakeholders and receiving updates on virology and vaccine development.

The 2019 Annual Forum provided a great opportunity for all stakeholders to participate in conversations and to shape the future priorities for DRIVE.

“In order to fulfil the EMA guidelines for influenza vaccine the public private collaboration was discussed during DRIVE annual forum. This collaboration is important and should be based on a governance model that ensures the neutrality of the messages and the transparency in the decisions. This model will allow a better perception of this collaboration, and will ensure better and more robust results”, explains Javier Diez Domingo,coordinator of the project, Head of Faculty of FISABIO Vaccine Research.