DRIVE  is attending ESCAIDE (Malta 21.-23.11.) with several presentations at parallel sessions and moderated poster session.
Come to discuss with the DRIVE consortium, contact us via @drive_eu.

Please find here the schedule of the presentations given by DRIVE consortium members at the event. Some of these focus mainly on work done on other projects as ADVANCE or I-MOVE +.


15:40-16:40: Moderated poster session B tracks 9-16
Track 15: Influenza, TB and other respiratory viruses (2): Vaccination and interventions

O17.4. Seasonal influenza vaccination in 2017/18 and two previous seasons lowered the risk of influenza B in 2017/18 in the elderly, Ulrike Baum
Poster by Ulrike Baum as PDF


11:00-12:40: Parallel Session 17: Influenza and other respiratory viruses: epidemiology and surveillance

17.4. Previous exposure to natural infection matters – The effect of influenza A infection in 2016/17 on influenza A and B infection in 2017/18 in the Finnish elderly, Ulrike Baum
Presentation by Ulrike Baum as PDF

14:30-15:30: Parallel Session 19: Vaccine-preventable diseases (5): preparedness:

O19.1. Guidance for the governance of public-private collaborations in vaccine post-marketing settings in Europe, ADVANCE-project Laurence Torcel-Pagnon. 

14:30-15:30: Parallel Session 20: Influenza and other respiratory viruses (2): vaccination

O20.2. High live-attenuated influenza vaccine effectiveness against influenza B in two-year-olds, 2017/18, Finland, Ulrike Baum

15:40-16:40: Moderated session C – Tracks 19-24
Track 23: Policy approaches and evaluation

C23.6. Seasonal influenza vaccine procurement systems in Europe, Anke L. Stuurman
Anke Stuurmans poster as PDF

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DRIVE presentation at ESCAIDE: Seasonal flu vaccines come in multiple flavours: DRIVE wants to know, which brands are used and where?

ESCAIDE at Malta 21.-23.11. 2018